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Anonymous: Can I just ask something, and have someone actually answer it? Cuz I really want to know…What does it mean to be a “best friend”? Do “best friends” leave you at 8:30 pm when you need someone to talk to? Do they just replace you and ignore you when you’ve told them you wanted to kill yourself? Do they tell other people that you cut yourself? Can someone please answer this for me…it’s eating me up everyday and night…

No. That is not a best friend. I don’t even think that classifies as a friend even. A best friend is someone who is there for you, through your worst and your best days of your life, you will always find her/him next to you, living the experience. 

I know it seems like you’ll never find a best friend, and that you’re destined to be alone, but that is so far from the truth. Your best friend is out there, waiting, just like you, to find their ultimate friend. 

Best friends are the best thing in the world! And I can’t wait for you to find yours so you can understand :) 

Stay strong, lovely <3

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Anonymous: Just wanted to say thank you for running this blog I love looking at peoples secrets and wondering about them, I love sending my own secrets in and it's such a release to see them later on and how much things have changed since then ignore what people say you guys are amazing x


This makes me very happy :) 

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Anonymous: (not a secret) I'm going to turn 18 in two weeks. Wow. My younger teenage selves never thought I would ever reach that age but now I'm just so glad and relieved I didn't manage to kill myself. I hope this is a message for everyone who is suicidal; it WILL get better, you're not able to believe that now, you feel it's one big lie and it IS hard being a teenager, I know, but life isn't killing you so don't kill yourself anyway; seek help instead. You can do it ♥!!
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Anonymous: Not trying to be mean at all: but I thought here were hundreds of secrets on queue so how come secrets don't get posted when you guys are busy? Thanks for your hard work guys!

There were secrets on queue, but sooner or later they run out! 

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