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Anonymous: Advice? I have a summer job and the employees are split into groups with their own bosses. Thing is, I have a really difficult time with faces- if I don't see someone for long periods of time, I have trouble recognizing them. My boss and one of the other bosses look SO much alike and I have a difficulty knowing who is who. Also- they wear a uniform so I can't go by clothes. What should I do? I asked a friend and she said they didn't look that alike, so it's not an issue for others I guess.

It’s always good to repeat their names when you’re talking to them, just so you can reassure yourself who you’re talking to. As to not being able to differentiate between your two bosses, what you could always do is try to find the differences between them. They may be subtle at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no more trouble recognizing one from the other :) 

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